Increase revenue from Facebook Messenger with Chatbot Haravan

Interact and get customer information automatically. Increase order conversion rate with new content formats, optimize shopping experience.

Automatically ask for customer information
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Facebook Business Partner

Double the conversion rate with up to 50% off cost per customer

Respond to customer messages and comments 24/7. Effective remarketing, optimizing messages ,and delivering the right customer needs.

Optimize advertising costs and increase sales

Automatically aggregate information and customer needs for accurate advice when implementing Messages or Conversion advertising campaigns through Facebook Ads.

Easily create Chatbot with just a few taps or use pre-built content templates

Easily create and inplement automated chatbot scripts to interact with customers without knowing to code. Support more than 25+ scenarios of diverse industries.

Increase sales and marketing efficiency with the best solution for Social Commerce

X2 sales

X2 sales

Chatbot automatically consults customers and close a sale quickly.

30% increase in conversion rate

30% increase in conversion rate

Centralized management and classification of customers without missing orders

X1.5 employee performance

X1.5 employee performance

Save time. Just deliver the order through the shipping courier

Link fanpage and build your first chatbot now

More than 50,000 business people and top brands are trusting

Inside Haravan

The interesting things and achievement that Haravan wants to share with you.

Haravan is the first technology partner in Vietnam honored to be proposed by Google as a Platform for Retailers, providing a form of Google Smart Shopping to help businesses reach millions of people searching for shopping information every day on Google's platforms.

Meta Business Partner

Certified as Meta Business Partner (Facebook Business Partner) in 2017 and the only Vietnamese partner on the list of developers of business support technology platforms on Facebook Messenger.