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Omni Pro


Omni Advanced







E -commerce standard website

Diverse interfaces for many industries, optimal display on mobile

Optimized for mobile phones

Full pages: content, introduction, blog, menu ...

Optimize customer experience and order conversion rates

Integrated online payment gateways

Optimized SEO according to Google Standard

Connect with your own domain name

Free SSL security certificate

Automatic reminder feature for missed orders

Measure and optimize website efficiency with Google Analytic connection, Facebook Pixel

Free integration of Google Product Feed and Facebook Product Feed to optimize advertising

Automatically suggest additional purchase products

Integrated feedback and evaluation

Brand email by own domain name

5 Email/gói
5 Email/gói
15 Email/gói
25 Email/gói
Sales on Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, TikTok Shop

Connect Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, TikTok Shop (Multi-store connection for Shopee, TikTok Shop) Do you want to connect more stores?

3 Stores
12 Stores
12 Stores
12 Stores
12 Stores

Confirm the order of Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok Shop at Haravan

Synchronize the status of orders, products and inventory

Duplicate products from the platform to Haravan

Accurate revenue reporting, promotions, and platform fees

Sales on Facebook, Instagram, Zalo

Manage multiple fanpages, zalo, instagram You want to connect more fanpage?

5 fanpage
5 fanpage
5 fanpage
5 fanpage
8 fanpage

Easy to manage all messages and comments in one place

Automatically comment on keywords

Automatically assign chat customers to staff

Easy to look up customer information and purchase history

Support staff to answer quickly and smartly

Create fast orders while chatting, transportation and freight charges

Send an automatic order confirmation invoice when creating an order

Revenue & Staff Performance report

Synchronize orders, revenue from Messenger to Facebook advertising

Google sales and advertising

Integrated Google ads

Automatically synchronize products, inventory with Google advertising system

Sold at the store (POS)

Retail management sofware at POS Do you want to connect more stores?

1 Stores
2 Stores
2 Stores
5 Stores
8 Stores

Price, inventory, customers information, promotions are synchronized between online and offline channels

Authorize access to sales data by store

Change / return other stores and website channels, Facebook

Sales analysis report by branch, industry, staff

Sales management application on phones and computers

Integration of electronic scales to determine weight, quickly and accurately set selling prices

Automatically generate VAT invoices at POS (beta)

Create a receipt at the store

Administration, operation

Order management

Receive and automatically process orders from multi -channel

Professional Order Processing System (confirmation, payment, delivery, refund, cancellation...)

Process and send bulk orders for shipping couriers

Automatically send orders confirmation email to customers

Automatically email and notify administrators of new orders

Smart order filter and lookup

Combine Bulk Orders Hot

Product Management

Quickly import/export products in bulk via CSV/Excel files

Hidden/Display Options by Sale Channel

Add multiple attributes and product variants

Easy to create and print barcode codes for each or more products at the same time

Filter the product by name, display status, product type, supplier, tag, product group and sales channel

Manually create, group products or conditionally group them effortlessly

Flexible product management, automatically convert according to multiple units for import and export

Set up multiple selling prices for products

Basic inventory management

Synchronize product inventory when selling, producing or importing stock

Aasily adjust inventory by product, product variant

Support inventory management by importing the file

Advanced inventory management

View detailed inventory (quantity on hand, on order, available...)

Create and process transfer votes; Adjust; Purchase orders across multiple warehouses

Update distributor information & distribution price

View Warehouse History

Detailed inventory management to lot - expiry date

Promotion management

Create Flashsale programs based on timeframes applicable daily, weekly

Create promotions, discount codes by percentage, amount, flat rate, shipping fee, value-based discounts

Diverse promotions applies to customers, channels, branches, limitations

Smart coupon suggestions, promotions for the product/product group and the current shopping cart

Customize the color and interface of the displayed promotions

Financial management

Detailed and accurate collection and accounting fund management

Monitoring supplier debts

Monitoring customer debts

Monitor shipping debts

Integrated Payment portal

Integrating VNPay, Momo, Zalopay, Grab Moca, Shopeepay, ...

Integrating payment of all domestic banks

Integrated Paypal International payment, Visa/Master Card

Integrated method of payment BNPL: Buy in advance

Private incentives from payment gateways, stimulate customers to buy and pay in advance

Transport connection

Integrating more than 15 carriers: GHN, ViettelPost, VNPost, DHL, GrabExpress, Ahamove, ...

Exclusive benefits to save 30% on shipping costs

Automatically calculate shipping fee according to delivery location

Automatically update delivery information from shipping couriers

Management of delivery process

Handover record for the shipping couriers

Return record for the shipping couriers

State management, bill of lading, packaging status

Comprehensive Business Report

Profit and loss report

Sales report: Sale channel, products, branches, traffic, customers ...

Financial report: cash flow, revenue, discounts, profit...

Import and inventory report

Employee management and permissions

Number of system management employee You want to increase the number of employees?

10 Nhân viên
10 Nhân viên
10 Nhân viên
25 Nhân viên
50 Nhân viên

Flexible management permissions system for employees

Sales management application on phone


Manage customer information from multi -channel

Store multi -channel customer information in one place

Record customer interaction and purchase history

Labeling customer classifications

Multi -channel customer interaction (website, facebook, zalo, shopee)

Flexible customer group

Advanced Customer Segmentation based on demographic, purchase behavior data,...

System proposes multiple default Customer Segments: Customers who haven't made a purchase in the last 90 days, customers with birthdays in the month, customers who have purchased best -selling products, ...

Reports by customer segments: Total number of customers, spending, contact information,data trend charts over time...

Personalize the sales campaign

Integrated Zalo Notification Service (Zns) and SMS

Send automated customer care messages (Zalo, SMS, Email): Thank you, delivery status, birthday, service evaluation ...

Automatic incentive campaign for returning customers

The incentive campaign for friends (Referral MKT) helps to grow the number of potential customers

Effectiveness Analysis Report for each campaign

Multi-channel loyalty points

Accumulate points based on spending amount and reward points when membership tier upgrades.

Configure point expiration dates and allow importing adjustment files for points

Exclude point accumulation by product

Multi -channel rewards

Get rewarded when membership tier upgrades

Use accumulation points to change rewards

Membership Tier Program

Set up membership tiers by spending amount

Discount for membership tier, setting up the maximum discount amount.

Set up the timing of periodic downgrades for membership tiers

Rearrange membership tiers periodically or after a certain period of inactivity


Chatbot Marketing

Automatically collect information and customer feedback

Automatically label customers with phone numbers

Automatically respond to and message customers when they comment on Facebook posts

Feature to generate multiple QR codes based on the scripts

Feature to generate Ref links based on the scripts

Feature to auto-reply to advertisements

Automatically label customers based on interaction scripts

Automatically respond based on keywords

Automatically inbox customers who inquire about purchases but haven't responded within 24 hours

Function to import the sample script

Periodic proactive notifications sending follow-up messages to customers

Integrated Google Sheet export data to external CRM systems


Automated sales on Facebook & Reels:

Automatically send Shopping Cart when customers comment with specific keywords on Facebook & Reel posts

Import product list for bulk campaign

Automatically suggest order closing keywords

Connect multiple posts and Reels on one campaign

Report on the overall effectiveness including total comments, customers with phone numbers, number of orders, and estimated revenue for each campaign

Sales & Livestream (increase feature with 300k/month)

Livestream Sales & Order Closing

Automatically collect phone numbers, delivery addresses and create customer profiles

Automatically generate orders based on comment syntax

Automatically aggregate comments and display a list of closed orders by customers

Automatically check and update inventory

Automatically suggest an efficient order closing structure

Automatically send orders confirmation messages

Automatically hide ordering comments

Livestream simultaneously on many fanpages

Livestream sales effectiveness report

Direct order processing from retail chains (network Fulfillment)

For retail chains looking to leverage branch resources and personnel for order processing: faster delivery, reduced shipping costs, and storage savings

Orders are routed to the nearest store to the customer's location

Branch staff confirm the orders and handle delivery

Support for various flexible delivery methods: Through shipping services or self-delivery by staff

Enable order access permissions

Haravan Flow application - Automatic processing of operating stages (increasing features with 3,000,000 VND/month)

Automatically hide products on the website when out of stock
Automatically processing order: order verification, warehouse selection, order sent to the shipping couriers
Automatically classify customers who have placed fraudulent orders
Alert for late shipment pickups or deliveries beyond the allowed number of days
Alert for orders with fraudulent elements (high value, large quantity...)
Connect with Haravan Flow: Google Sheet, Trello, Telegram


Connected with a custom domain
Free SSL security certificate
Free hosting
5 branded emails with custom domain
10 administrative staff Want to add more staff?
Flexible staff management permission system
Quickly import/export products in bulk via CSV/Excel files
Add multiple product attributes and versions
Store information and label customer groups


Diverse theme for multiple industries, optimized for display on various devices
Complete pages: Content, Introduction, Blog, Menu...
Optimized customer experience
Intelligent search filter with various product variants
Product classification by multiple categories
Smart product suggestions while typing keywords


Integrate Zalo chat into the website
Integrate Facebook Messenger chat into the website
Integrate marketing chatbot, create multiple customer care scenarios
Set up form for collecting information according to templates
Customer data sent to Gmail, Google Sheets...
Support inserting advertising tracking code (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel)


General question

Do I have to pay the setup fee?

You will not need to pay for any package

Are the service packages in the price list including VAT?

The services in the price list are including VAT

Can I upgrade to a higher service pack?

Absolutely possible. If you upgrade to a higher-value service package, you will pay an additional fee for the price difference.

How long is the package valid for?

All packages at Haravan pay and have a shelf life. You can register the package annually or more depending on the needs of the business.

How long can I try the service? If I want to buy the official service package, what should I do?

You can try our service for 14 days at no cost. During the trial process, Haravan's staff will always accompany and support you when buying the official service package. Besides, Haravan's customer service team is always ready to assist you via hotline 1900.636.099

Where do I find a sales device that has built -in Haravan software?

Haravan Store offers all 100% compatible sales devices with Haravan sales software.

Visit the Haravan Store website - where you can find 100 % genuine devices and packaging.

Business on the website

Does my website need notify and register with the Ministry of Industry and Trade?

According to the State's regulations, all e -commerce websites must register and notify the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Even if not directly selling goods or providing services, but containing information introducing individuals, organizations supplying goods, services, or product marketing, websites are still required to be registered for online sales. Failure to comply may result in penalties. You can refer to the Guidelines for website registration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade here. Or use the Quick website registration service with the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the Haravan service page

Can I use my own domain name?

Sure. You can contact domain providers to purchase your desired domain. If you're unsure how to do it, Haravan team is willing to assist you.

How much does the bandwidth cost?

You do not need to pay for bandwidth. Haravan offers unlimited and completely free website bandwidth.

Do I need to buy more hosting and SSL security?

You do not need to buy additional hosting and SSL security for your website, because Haravan has provided the package: Web hosting & SSL for free for all solution packages with a website of Haravan platform.

Business at the store (POS - Point of Sale)

Can I merge online and offline stores?

Of course. Haravan automatically synchronizes data between online sales channels and stores, helping you manage all your business activities in one place

Where can I buy a cash register, invoice printer and other hardware?

The Haravan team will support you. You can refer to information and leave contact information at Store.haravan.com

The Haravan software is compatible with which sale devices?

Haravan software is compatible with the majority of sales equipment on the market. To find a built -in equipment with Haravan software, visit the Haravan Store website - the supply of genuine sales equipment, packaging 100%genuine.

I'm currently using the Pro package with 2 stores. How will the fee be calculated if I want to expand to 2 more stores?

You can buy more stores with the cost of 200,000 VND/ 1 store/ month

Can I transfer data from other sales software to Haravan?

Currently Haravan has software that supports data transfer from KiotViet to Haravan. Please contact the staff for detail assistance

Does Haravan support integration with ERP, CRM, and accounting software?

Yes, Haravan supports integration with many ERP, CRM and accounting systems. Please see the details here

Business on social networks

Previously I used other software to manage Fanpage. When connected to Harasocial, does the system regain conversation history on fanpage?

When the fanpage is first connected to Harasocial, the system will support synchronizing the inbox history of the latest 30 days (unlimited number of conversations within 30 days) or the latest 100 conversations (if the shop has less than 100 conversations within 30 days), with 50 messages per conversation. Regarding comments, the system will synchronize the comments of the 5 latest posts, with up to 100 comments per post

With the Standard and Pro packages, can I already use the automatic order closing feature on Reels?

The automatic order closing feature on Reels is currently supported for all packages, from Pro, Advanced, Grow, to Scale

I'm currently using the Pro package, how can I purchase additional Livestream Package?

Haravan supports you to buy more livestream service packages for 300,000 VND/month. You can contact Haravan's customer service team, via hotline 1900.636.099 for assistance.

Can Harasocial support simultaneous livestream sessions on multiple fanpages, and what is the maximum number of fanpages allowed?

Harasocial supports livestream at the same time on many fanpage. You can connect to Harasocial how many fanpage can be livestreamed on so many pages